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FCTA Plans to Demolish Unauthorized Residential Buildings in Abuja

Posted by admin on August 17, 2023

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has announced its intention to take down more than 500 unapproved structures located in the Dutsen-Garki area of the Apo District in the Federal Capital Territory.

Mukhtar Galadima, the Director of the Department of Development Control within FCTA, revealed this decision following a discussion with local residents of Dutsen-Garki. Galadima pointed out that many individuals had purchased land from locals without obtaining the necessary approvals from the FCT Administration, a practice deemed unacceptable.

Hassan Ogbole, speaking on behalf of Galadima, emphasized that the Administration would not tolerate any unauthorized land or construction activities. He stated there are cases of people acquiring land from locals without obtaining FCT Administration’s approval, and that such practices are against the government’s laid-sown policies.

Galadima highlighted numerous illegal settlements in Dutsen-Garki, which hitherto prevent original allottees from taking rightful possession.

“In line with the FCTA reform agenda, before we embark on any removal, we have to consult with the natives so that we don’t take them unawares,” he stated.

According to him, officials would mark the affected illegal structures within a two-week period before initiating the complete demolition process.

Kaka Bello, Deputy Director of Monitoring and Enforcement at the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), also voiced concerns about the environmental impact of these illegal constructions. He mentioned that aside from unauthorized expansion, people were building structures on waterways, which could lead to environmental issues like flooding and erosion.

During the meeting, Danjuma Fanus, representing the Dutsen-Garki community, requested more time from the FCT Administration to rectify the situation. He assured the Administration that the leaders of the community will corporate with the officials before the deadline.

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